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 Celebrating 34 years of dancing! 

God Bless America !

Email: Single Funtimers

Welcome to Single Funtimers website. Our next dance is our picnic on Sunday September 23 2018. The caller is Bruce McCue. Rain or shine!

Single Funtimers is a Mainstream & Plus level club that welcomes
single dancers and couples. Our variety of callers always
provide great dancing for your pleasure. We would love to
have you visit us on saturday nights at Katonah. Check our schedule.

2017-2018 OFFICERS
  • President: Robert Scoralick
  • Vice President: Roberta Bengelsdorf
  • Secretary: Kaetha Bierbach
  • Treasurer: Arthur Leibowitz
  • Programmers: Marie Gower
  • HVC delegate: MaryJane Clewell


LEVEL: MS/PLUS with an Advance tip
WEEKS: See Schedule
TIME: 7:30-10 PM
PLACE: Katonah Methodist Church Parish House, Edgemont Rd.


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